About us:

Turtle Island Public Service (MANITOBA) offers you:
Outstanding Customer Service
Over 40 Years Experience in the Winnipeg Market.
Latest in Business News, Reviews, and Trends
Dynamic Advertising, using the best of
Custom 3-D Modeling, Animation,
Video Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production techniques
(Windows & Mac included),
Audio & Photography Enhancement & Restoration
Membership & Subscription Privileges (including Discounts on Art Lessons, Performance, and Consultations).
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Welcome to the Funland.

Salon Magnifico was born to directly bring Art and Understanding to the widest and wildest population. As well as proving the value of Art, it is a beacon to inspire us all, whenever and wherever darkness falls.

The How-To-Kit will fill in the gaps.
With Turtle Tim, and The Informed Market,
it is hoped we fulfil the dream that
began over forty years ago,
“do good, and help others.”

Turtle Island Public Service (MB) was birthed on an extended road trip to the 2018 Worldcon in San Jose, California, long before Covid-19 arrived on the World stage.

I had been thinking, for a long time, about how to make a difference to the systemic tragedies that keep
people feeling powerless and lost. If governments aren’t the answer, maybe it’s time to activate the wisest and best of public services: personal dedication to making the world better.

Along the way, one fact endures: each of us can make a difference.

What can any one person do? Particularly this one, who has been on disability for such a significantly long time? Spending more than eleven years as a Market Research Interviewer gifted me with contact with real customers and real businesses in the real world.

After 9/11, I wanted to know what real people felt and thought.
Now, I want to bring some of that experience to businesses and people needing to navigate their way in a very messy world,
in very difficult times.
I believe I can help.